The Christmas countdown has begun

rollettesZephorium Soul Tonics have expanded their range to incorporate organic body lotions and natural  perfume rollettes. The 250ml body lotions are available in 8 choices, each one individualised to enhance the main chakras. They contains luxurious shea butter, olive fruit, aloe leaf, flax and coconut oil, to soothe and nurture skin and helping replace fatty acids. High quality aromatherapy and homeopathic crystals ensure a beautiful full body experience. Available for €29.50.

The rollettes are used by rolling over pulse points to activate the natural, concentrated aromatherapy and crystal properties. High quality oils help hydrate and moisturise. Useful throughout the day to refresh and restore your body, mind and spirit by repeating the affirmation on the bottle whilst deeply inhaling the fragrance. Available for €15.50 and is accompanied by a complimentary organza bag for pretty presentations, or to hang from the Christmas tree as a special surprise.

Argital Green Clay is still a firm favourite, with the luxurious, soft, creamy Argiltubo being suitable as both a face and body mask. Clay has the ability to draw out toxins and Argital’s green clay is sourced from it’s purest form. It nourishes and refreshes skin, helping firm, tone and revitalise. As a mineral-rich substance, it is also popular in anti-aging regimes due to its antioxidant properties. Ideally you would moisturise with Argital Rose Cream, containing pure essential rose oil which exerts a balancing action on the facial skin. It is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive & dry skin.

For imaginative children, we suggest Maggie Whittle’s ‘Listen’, a collection of short descriptive, metaphorical stories that awaken emotional resourcefulness and positive attitudes, encouraging healthy patterns for the future.

We also offer a mesmerizing range of salt lamps, which are made from Himalayan salt crystal rocks. As this rare salt crystal lamp warms up, healthy negative ions lift off from the surface to help cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air. Known as nature’s best ionisers, they can help improve sleep, enhance immunity and improve the general atmosphere of the room. Tea-light holders are also available – ideal as Secret Santa gifts.

A selection of herbal teas, healthy treats and other natural beauty products are also available. There is something for everyone, be it soothing, uplifting or delicious. Make your gift personable and beneficial this year whilst encouraging the ‘good health’ ethos.