Argital Green Drinking Clay 500g


The uses & benefits of clay is diverse varying from a daily beverage to treatment for serious conditions.


Drinking Clay & Using Clay Externally – Health Benefits

The uses & benefits of clay is diverse varying from a daily beverage to treatment for serious conditions. It can be used internally for either nutritive or curative purposes & it can be used externally for the same reason as well as for cosmetic & beauty purposes.

[toggle title=”When taken internally clay:”]

  • supports detoxification
  • balances pH
  • improves immune system
  • promotes healthy bowel function
  • provides good kidney & bladder flush
  • provides relief from constipation
  • improves digestion of food
  • balances blood sugar
  • aids absorption of nutrients
  • improves physical energy & stamina
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces various aches & pains
  • improves alertness & mental well being
  • helps purify the emotions
  • provides enhanced gum & oral health

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  • supports detoxification
  • aids healing of fractures
  • helps ear aches
  • helps breast & ovarian cysts
  • absorbs pain, swelling & lumps
  • aids menstrual cramps
  • nourishes & refreshes skin
  • firms, tones & controls cellulite
  • revitalises & promotes shiny hair
  • maintains youthful appearance

[toggle title=”Guidance on Use”]
As with any health product start slowly. Always take  drinking clay in water, never use in powder form as you lose the colloidal effect. For internal consumption use one measured teaspoonful of active vential green clay powder in a glass of water. Stir slowly and allow the mix to stand for at least 5 minutes so the maximum amount of powder dissolves.

Drink one glass per day ideally on an empty stomach increase to two glasses after two weeks user for three weeks continuously out of four use four week cycle up to four times a year clay drinks can be used with other holistic remedies. For the first week of use, drink the water and discard the sediment, drink the entire contents for subsequent weeks.

Caution: do not over use, as excess intake has no added value. A 500g bag of Argital Drinking Clay contains 90 servings.

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Weight 560 g

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