Celtic Wind CBD Oil



Multi-Complex Hemp Oil Concentrate (5% CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate)


Celtic Wind Hemp Oil is a multi-complex extract from the seeds and trichomes of Irish grown hemp plants selected from the most beneficial variety of EU certified Industrial Hemp seed. Celtic Wind has developed a bespoke processing system for extracting the hemp oil which is energy efficient, uses low temperature and is solvent-free. Celtic Wind Hemp Oil has a unique composition and the extraction method used ensures all the plants vital forces are transferred in their original state.

  • Derived from a targeted EU Certified Industrial Hemp variety
  • Cultivated in Ireland without using herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and is non-GMO
  • Celtic Wind oil retains all the nutty aroma of hempseed and has a pleasant texture
  • Chemical free “Cold” Process used to protect the Oil from thermal degradation
  • Hemp Oil can be taken as a food supplement or applied directly to the skin

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