Argital Green External Clay Powder – 1kg


Green clay has a range of benefits from improved skin to reduced inflammation.


Argtial Green Clay Powder is a 1kg bag of clay sourced from Sicilian volcanoes. Clay taken in liquid form helps alkalise the body. As a natural superfood, it is well endowed with extraordinary cleansing and energizing properties.  It promotes overall well-being thanks to its rich mineral salts and oligoelements content. Clay has the ability to draw out toxins with its powerful negative charge against the toxin’s positive charge, attracting chemical residue, pesticides & heavy metals.

Health Benefits from Clay
The uses and benefits of clay is diverse. It can be used internally for either nutritive or curative purposes and  it can be used externally for cosmetic & beauty purposes.

  • supports detoxification
  • balances pH
  • improves immune system
  • promotes healthy bowel function
  • provides good kidney & bladder flush
  • provides relief from constipation
  • improves digestion of food
  • balances blood sugar
  • aids absorption of nutrients
  • improves physical energy & stamina
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces various aches & pains
  • improves alertness & mental well being
  • helps purify the emotions
  • provides enhanced gum & oral health ( also see here for specialist toothpastes)
  • supports detoxification
  • aids healing of fractures
  • helps ear aches
  • helps breast & ovarian cysts
  • absorbs pain, swelling & lumps
  • aids menstrual cramps
  • nourishes & refreshes skin
  • firms, tones & controls cellulite
  • revitalises & promotes shiny hair
  • maintains youthful appearance

To use: mix with water and make a paste to apply to skin. Apply to skin with a brush or by hand and wait until dry before washing. The clay will not clog drains, simply wash away. If you would prefer the ease of a premixed product then the Argiltubo tube of clay is more appropriate.

This product can be taken on a long-term basis, though most commonly it is taken for 2 months with a small break and then resumed again a short time later when it is felt necessary. This can be done on a seasonal basis; with a month in between, or just when a cleansing is felt needed.

To read more about green drinking clay, click here and here

Additional information

Weight 450 g

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