Himalayan Salt Dreams Salt Lamps


We have all sizes of the highest quality Himalayan salt lamps in stock. Check in store for special offers on the unique styles. Now with free delivery if you order online!

All come boxed and make ideal Christmas gifts.



We have all sizes of the highest quality Himalayan salt lamps in stock, including the most popular 2-3kg and 4-6 kg lamps and all larger sizes, mined directly from the Punjabi province.

Boxed and ideally presented for gifts, now with free delivery!

Lamp ionisers are used to:

  • Improve air quality
  • Enhance your health
  • Provide a warm glow
  • Decorate your room

How do they work?

The air all around you is made up of molecules, all of which have an electrical charge on them.

Negative ions are good for you!

They bring oxygen to the brain, boost your immune system, and lift your mood. Studies show they even lessend depression.

Tested and researched to produce negative ions, salt laps are well known around Europe, and most people will feel the difference in air quality right away. The emission of ions is primarily caused by the alternating actions of the salt’s ability to first absorb water, then evaporate it. The unique ion emission Salt Lamps possess is due to the transformation ability of the electrically neutral mineral salt molecule.

Who can benefit from Salt Lamps?

The most dangerous levels of positive ions occur in polluted cities. Exhaust fumes from cars, truck, and buses; factory smoke, cigarette smoke, dust and soot, and electromagnetic pollution all combine to create a potent mixture of postive ions and ozone that gradually destroys our lungs and ruins our health. City dwellers should, therefore, be aware of the benefits Salt lamps can provide.

Salt lamps are also excellent to eliminate bacteria, mould, dust and more. They have also been shown to help relioeve hay fever, migraine and burn, post operative pain. Once you experience how good you feel with lots of negative ions around, you will want to have them all the time!

You can enjoy these lamps with natural candle light to illuminate them, or the convenience of an electrical bulb. Both options create a serene, cosy environment.

Caring for your salt ioniser

Salt has hygroscopic properties, which means that it draws water from the surrounding atmosphere. Sometimes, in particularly moist or humid conditions, the lamp surface may be slightly damp to touch. Lighting it for a few hours dries it very quickly.

To clean:

Wipe the lamp with a damp (not soaking wet) towel or sponge in order to remove dust. Once cleaned, dry the lamp with a paper towel or turn the lamp on for a while.

If you choose to place a Salt Crystal Lamp on a wooden surface, please ensure that it has a waterproof base so that you do not damage your furniture.

Salt lamps are available in two different sizes and, also, a tea light candle holder

NEW! Salt lamps are now available as a pyramid shaped lamp that plugs directly into your pc via a USB cable!


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