Kinvara Skincare 24HR Rosehip Face Serum (30ml)


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Transform your skin with this serum. Designed to provide intensive care to even the most demanding skin, this concentrated formula is packed with plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants and calming ingredients.

Among the ingredients are organic rosehip, thistle and evening primrose which are full of protective, omega rich oils that aid cell regeneration.

Liquorice & green tea combine with carrot seed extract and vitamins A & E to provide rich antioxidant protection against harmful free radical damage, which leads to wrinkles.

Sea buckthorn is added to the formula as it helps with inflammation, cell regeneration and absorbs harmful UV rays.

Glycerine moisturises and hydrates the skin with extracts of Aloe Vera providing a soothing effect on your skin.

Lemon scented tea tree oil is also included to help with break outs.

A little bottle but a big difference.

180 applications per bottle.