New Vistas Healthcare Colloidal Silver 60ml


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Colloidal Silver is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Traditionally it has been used as a natural antibiotic for generations.

Helpful to bring when travelling for anti-viral properties.

This high quality food supplement can be a useful addition to the anti-pathogenic products such as New Vistas BAC or Immune system liquescence.

For anyone concerned about germs, Colloidal Silver is a great product to use, both internally and externally.

Read about recent therapeutic studies on Colloidal Silver here

Can be used externally for cleaning and disinfecting. You could use it directly  as a hand sanitiser or add to aloe vera juice and essential oils for use as a sanitier.

Contents: 60ml dropper bottle with separate spray depending on use

Always seek a full consultation if addressing specific health concerns. Please consult your healthcare advisor if taking any other medication or pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Weight 1000 g


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