New Vistas Herbal Creams


New Vistas supplies a range of herbal formulas in a cream base, each aimed at specific issues & conditions.

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New Vistas Herbal Creams

New Vistas supplies a range of herbal formulas in a cream base, each aimed at specific issues & conditions where topical or trans-dermal applications are appropriate. These applications can often be useful in first-aid, when administering acute homeopathic aid or when working with children.

The skin is the largest organ. Its ports nature means it can absorb what is put on the skin, so caution should be used just as carefully as what we put in the body. Toxic chemicals & fragrances can easily make their way into the blood & lymphatic systems.

New Vistas Homeopathic Products

We can take orders for  New Vistas Healthcare homeopathic remedies via the on line shop or by can take orders by phone for posting or collection. We are fully stocked with liquesences and other remedies.

If you have any questions in relation to the sizes you need or anything else please give us a call on 01 670 9859 or drop an email to

Until we have fully listed all of the products if you would like to buy online, please indicate in the note which product you wish to buy. All of the New Vistas food supplements are available to buy onlineand instore.

Most liquesences come as 125ml and 250ml, and a few are 60ml & 120ml  – these are Adrenal, Fatty Acid, Lung, Skin & Thyroid.

30ml Forte combinations are BAC, FNG, Rel, Vermex & Vir.

Prices are:

  • 125ml liquescence €19.95
  • 250ml liquescence €30.95
  • 60ml liquescence €17.55
  • 120ml liquescence €27.55
  • 30ml combinations €15.80
  • 30ml forte combinations €16.80
  • creams: from 10 – 14

New Vistas Food Supplements include

  • Vibracell
  • Noni juice
  • Whole Health Immune Complex
  • Collodial Silver
  • Whole Health Cognitive Complex
  • Curcumin juice



Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Cream 60ml jar

Arnica, Chickweed Complex, Thuja, Traumaide, Vitamin E


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