Tahitian Noni Juice


NONI juice is a powerful anti-oxidant, which contains 100% pure certified organic juice, with no added sugar or artificial chemicals.


Tahitian Noni juice benefits include

  • natural source of vitamins & minerals to boost overall health
  • improved vitality
  • strengthens the immune system
  • restores body’s internal organs & systems
  • improves digestive complaints
  • analgesic – beneficial for back and neck pain
  • relief from migraine and tension headaches
  • anti-inflammatory properties, reducing pain, swelling, stiffness and bruising

The Noni De Tahiti – Tahitian Noni Juice

MORINDA CITRIFOLIA is a bush / tree, known in Polynesia under the name NONI, NONO or NONU. In recent years there is an increasing interest in  NONI in the Western world. However in Polynesia the fruits and even the leaves have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

Morinda citrifolia trees grow abundantly (mostly wild) & practically everywhere in Polynesia. They also grow on Tahiti and on its 120 islands, where they grow exempt from modern pollution in ideal conditions, namely year-round perfect weather and fertile, mineral rich, volcanic soil.

The sun ripe fruit is hand picked and washed and then placed in large drums.  The weight of the fruit releases the juice which is bottled.  Only fruit from certified organic origin is used for the NONI DE TAHITI juice (controlled by ECOCERT BE-1).

Why the Source of Noni is important

  • organic means naturally healthier
  • additives or genetically modified organisms are not allowed under organic standards
  • no pesticides
  • consumers are assured that they are buying a genuine, unprocessed product which maintains maximum potency
  • no additional toxins or additives are added to the juice. Other brands which add artificial sugars & preservatives are contaminating a perfect product.
  • noni juices made from concentrates are reconstituted – New Vistas Noni only uses pure, freshly pressed juice


15ml/1 Tablespoon Daily. It is  best taken on an empty stomach and can be taken on its own or added to juice or water.   The dose can be increased to 30ml twice daily during more stressful periods or following illness.

Its high-potency formula is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.  Refrigerate after opening.



Additional information

Weight 1410 g

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