Planet Paleo Vegan Collagen


Planet Paleo Vegan collagen is an award winning formuation designed to optimise collagen formation in the body.



Planet Paleo Vegan Collagen Nutrient Factors is an award winning innovation in nutricosmetics: collagen building, feremented amino acids combined with a coactive formula to optimise collagen formation in the body. The folmula is fully vegan and works brilliantly in plant milk and juice.

  • 5g of collagen building fermented amino acids per serving
  • great tasting
  • collagen supporting herbal blend including gotu kola and rosehip
  • high in protein (67%)low carb
  • key nutrients: vitamin C and MSM

Key Ingredients

  • amino acid blend containing glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and glutamine which are key amino acids in collagen
  • additioanl l-lysine which helps the binding of collagen fibrils
  • vitamin C and rsehip extract supply vitamin C as a cofactor for collagen production
  • pomegranate seed extract (40% ellagic acid) inhibits inflammation and prevents collagen degradation
  • sicia from bamboo shoots extract activates enzymes which bond collagen networks
  • MS: key source of sulphur, softens skin and strenghtens keratin


Contents:30 Servings



This products does not contain anti-caking agents, stir well to avoid clumping

Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and moisture.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Chocolate 480g


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