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Shop Irish this Christmas at Nutri Health Store !

Here at Nutri Health Store Dublin, we love to stock home-grown, small Irish brands. Supporting local is important for the economy, but also for community. When we know where the things we buy come from, we have more of a connection with those things and with the people who make them. So without further ado, let us introduce some of these wonderful people!

Spoonful Botanical

Meet Conor and Jayne from co. Louth. They have created a new food which they call ‘Spoonful Botanical.’ An innovative blend of the highest quality herbs, spices, and fermeneted fruits. Their product is a great anti-inflammatory and is a favourite among those suffering from arthritis.

Silk Tree


Silk Tree was born when founders Andrew and Tracy realised their love affair with gin and tonic had run its course. They joined an ever-expanding social movement of like-minded people who wanted to take a break from alcohol to lead a more active, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. 

Nik’s Tea

While I've never worked so hard, I've also never been happier'

Nicola Kearns is evangelical about the reviving, energersing and soothing properties of a good brew. She set up Niks Tea in 2012 to share her passion. Leading the market in sophisticated tea drinking, Nik’s Tea offers quality loose teas that typically pack a superior flavour punch to mass-produced tea bags.

Vita Plantae

Meet your new favourite Irish fermented food company | Organico Blog

Initially a small scale cottage industry set up by Eamon Cullen, and driven by a passion for improving gut health, Vita Plantae is growing rapidly and fast becoming a household name for resetting and maintaining gut health as well as supporting your immune system. 



Erica Sheehan set up Homespun Foods in 2016. It started when she combined her passion for granola and for health. Most of the granolas she saw on the market were packed with sugar and so she decided to make her own! Since then she has also created the low-gi, vegan alternative to honey; chicory root syrup, which we have in store!

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