Viridian Food Supplements – Ethical vitamins with an organic heart

Viridian productViridian Nutrition is an award-winning supplement company who produce a pure, healthy and ethical range of vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils and balms. They were founded on the principles of integrity and good health.  They are passionate about green business practices, using 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives, making the range as pure as possible and suitable for even those of a sensitive nature.  Their products are enjoyed by the whole family, even pets and are effectively used as part of beauty regimes and sports & fitness training. They are also vegetarian-friendly.

At the heart of Viridian Nutrition

Viridian supports the organic movement, ancient health traditions, whole food stores, local community and the essential nature of good health. They deliberately use minimum packaging and recyclable materials. They offer a small refund for their bottles returned to the health store where purchased. They also generate significant funds for kids and environmental charities.

Anti-aging, digestion, cognitive health, beauty, immunity, weight management, fertility & general nutrition

Nutrition is the supply of nourishment to all the body’s cells to remain healthy and vitalised. Nutrition can have a knock-on effect on conditions and ailments, which could be prevented or lessened with ample supply of nutrients. Nowadays, with the over-production of food, poor lifestyle choices and depleted soil quality, we are not getting the adequate nutrients we need from our meals. There is a heavy reliance on processed or fast foods and some people lack the knowledge or skills to prepare fresh meals at home. Supplementation helps bridge the gap between missing nutrients from our diet.

Beauty from inside out

For softer, smother, clearer skin, healthy looking hair and strong nails, include nourishing beauty supplements as part of your daily routine to see the difference. Like your cleanse and moisturising regime, consider a daily helping of Organic Ultimate Beauty Oil or Hyaluronic Acid for noticeably better skin.

If you are looking to start the New Year on a high, you can’t do better than Viridian. As well as effective, quality supplements for feeling and looking better, you are also supporting ethical principles. We can offer excellent advice on dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplement programmes and top quality topical products. Everyone’s a winner with Viridian!