Zephorium Soul Tonics

Zephorium Soul Tonics are a new and beautiful range of chakra remedies to strengthen well-being and help release blockages. Hand-made with positive intentions they were created by energy therapist Sarah Cox to promote chakra balancing and general wellness.  The philosophy behind them is that thoughts create reality and each soul tonic has been specifically formulated to combine colours, crystals, aromatherapy oils and positive reflections. Each modality works to clear, balance and strengthen the chakra. Chakras are linked to our surrounding environments, beliefs and emotions and when blocked or congested, can have a knock-on effect to physical health.

There are 8 different soul tonics and each are available in a 100mls body oil or 50 mls aura spray.

RUBY/BASE CHAKRA TONIC is strong and forceful and offers grounding properties.

CARNELIAN/SACRAL CHAKRA TONIC promotes warmth, creativity and sensuality.

CITRINE/SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA TONIC helps with concentration, alertness and awareness.

ROSE QUARTZ/HEART CHAKRA TONIC influences love. It is soothing, calming, tender and nurturing.

EMERALD/HEART CHAKRA TONIC is about hope, peace and balance.

AQUAMARINE/THROAT CHAKRA TONIC encourages optimal communication, self-truth and integrity.

LAPIS LAZULI/BROW CHAKRA TONIC relates to clarity, inner vision and a sense of direction.

AMETHYST/CROWN CHAKRA TONIC embodies spirituality, intuition and wisdom.

Zephorium Soul Tonics can be used independently or alongside natural supplements. Mix and match them to suit your mood, emotions or personal preference. To help decipher your favourite tonic, use this handy pocket guide. They are easily absorbed and kind to skin, with a potent blend of high quality oils that help regenerate and uplift. Use as a daily moisturiser, massage oil or hair conditioner.

Aura sprays can be used as an instant fix to help improve moods and embrace reflection. Spray around home, work space or body and repeat affirmation earnestly.

Do not use soul tonics if pregnant, breast feeding or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Do not use the citrus oils prior to sunlight exposure.